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Covent ligger idyllisk plassert ved en av Norges beste lakseelver, Bjerkreimselva.



About Covent­­­­­­­­­­


Energy and environment
Products for the future
Experience and Competence
Customer adaptions

These are all aspects that cover Covent in a good way.

A conscious environmental and energy conservation has affected Covent all these years. The company offers air treatment units that exploit the environment and its energy in an efficient and sensitive manner. Good ventilation provides a healthier indoor environment. We recycle the heat from the used air, which saves us from draining the nature for energy.

Covent was a leader in its field in the 70’s and still has a continuous development, both to improve and simplify existing products and to find new solutions for the future. In addition the market changes over time, and new products replace the old ones. Innovation and product development is a team effort where the company’s experience and knowledge is stretched to the limits.

Covent’s employees have a wide experience and solid expertise. On all levels there are employees who have been here for years. They have followed the products development and adaption to the market, and know what’s worth knowing about air handling and air recovery. Through the years the company has focused on technical skills, experience, creative solutions and a will to take on responsibility.

We let our customers enjoy this experience through personal contact and a close follow-up. Our products are customized for the customers needs. This craves lots of contact and a close collaboration with our customers. This collaboration creates trust and leads the customer back to do business with Covent over and over again. After years in the trade we appreciate working like this.

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