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Covents products are future-oriented

The design Covent is producing is a type of products that are becoming more and more important in the future. There will be an increased focus on environment and use of energy. But our success is depending on us learning from our experience and history, and that we always try to stay ahead of the technological development, so this can give us a competitive advantage. Through 40 years of experience we have built an expertise that makes this possible. By putting the customer in focus and understanding the customers’ needs, the result is a customized product, built on a standard basis.  







In the developing of our products our customers are our most important contributor. By listening to the customers’ thoughts, ideas and needs, we are inspired to develop our products further. This, combined with our own knowledge and experience, enables us to find solutions that are not outdated when it is put into practice.







Our common future is depending on us taking care of the environment. We all depend on fresh air to function satisfactorily. It’s a natural thing that our products will continue to contribute to this in the future. Environment is more than fresh air. A gentle and environmentally friendly exploitation of nature and the resources it provides us, is also important, We hope that with our products – focusing on energy economizing – we can give a small portion back to our diverse nature. At Covent we daily get the inspiration to do this by looking out of the window and admiring the beautiful nature that surrounds us.