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In the newly built ZEB laboratory in Trondheim, the solutions of the future for sustainable buildings and technical solutions will be tested at the same time as researchers work here. On behalf of BRAVIDA, Covent has delivered the ventilation units to the prestigious building.

Zero-emission building
ZEB stands for Zero Emission Buildings, or zero-emission buildings and the ZEB laboratory is a unique full-scale research infrastructure for the zero-emission buildings of the future.

– Zero-emission buildings and climate-positive solutions are central to meeting the zero-emission society and contributing to the green shift. We are incredibly proud to have contributed our knowledge and technology in this building, says general manager of Covent, Egil Oddvar Brastad Hansen.

The building is a unique example of how one can make buildings more energy efficient and release energy for other uses, as well as climate-adapting buildings and infrastructure while at the same time preparing good buildings with a good indoor environment.

Sustainability at all levels
In this project, Covent wanted to develop a ventilation product that helps reduce climate emissions throughout the production phase. The unit also had to deliver as energy-efficient ventilation units as possible. Hansen Brastad says that sustainability is considered in absolutely all stages:

– This has been a challenging project, considering that the units are products that consist of many small parts, with the same number of subcontractors. Most of all, it has nevertheless been an exciting and important project! We have, among other things, used Covent’s highly efficient rotary heat recoverers, Magnelis® metal coating in the unit housing, Green Tech EC fans from EBM-Papst, Stepper engines on recyclers and shipping with the world’s most environmentally friendly cargo ships running on natural gas, says a proud Hansen Brastad.

In its review of the ZEB laboratory, the Research Council of Norway writes that the laboratory gives Norway a unique position in Europe. The building is modern and innovative, and a good example of co-creation between R&D environments, public actors and leading contractors.

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