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At Covent, we have long been known for our conscious environmental profile and energy conservation efforts. We offer air handling units that utilise the environment and its energy in an effective and responsible way. Good ventilation provides a healthier indoor climate. The heat from the stale air is simultaneously recovered – which means that our units use less energy and help protect the environment.

Covent has been ahead of the times since the seventies and we continue to pursue ongoing development work to improve, simplify and find new applications for our products. Moreover, evolving market requirements drive the need for new products to replace the old. Innovation and product development are a team effort – and enable us to maximise our specialist expertise.

Our workforce has extensive experience and sound expertise. At every level, we have employees who have been with us for many years. They have been involved in our product development work and market adjustments and have extensive knowledge of air handling and heat recovery. Through the years, we have always remained focused on professional excellence, experience, innovation and being willing to take responsibility.

Our customers benefit from our experience through personal service and close follow-up. Most of our products are customised to meet our customers’ unique requirements. This requires extensive contact and close collaboration with our customers. This cooperation breeds trust and leads to loyal customers who return to us in the future. After many years in the industry, we value this approach.

Our history

In the late 80s, Covent developed its own automation, thus entering a new field of expertise. In addition to automation, housing ventilation became one of our focus areas in the 90s. These areas took a little focus away from our main product, which was air handling units (AHU) both for indoor and outdoor installation. We began further development of our AHUs in the late 90s, which is reflected in the new CK series that we are known for today. The CK series represents the best of Covent’s 30 years of experience and it is the only Norwegian AHU series to be Eurovent certified.

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