We supply the dual-flow ventilation unit with energy recovery in 13 sizes and several variants and qualities of material.

We supply the single-flow ventilation unit with energy recovery in 22 sizes and several variants and qualities of material.

Some of the components that may be included are: shut-off damper, filter, energy recovery system, heating coil, cooling coil, humidifier, extractor fan, inlet fan and distribution chamber for direct connection of spiro ducts.

The maximum excess pressure or negative pressure for the unit housing is +/- 2500 Pa.

Material options and types

The unit housing has 50 mm thick double-cladded panels and doors and mineral wool insulation.

Interior and exterior 0.9 mm galvanised sheeting. Framework in 1.5 mm thick galvanised profiles

Alternative stainless steel finish: AISI 304 or AISI 316.


  • Mechanical design inaccordance with NS-EN 1886
  • Insulation class: T3
  • Thermal bridge factor: TB3
  • Leakage class: L3
  • Mechanical strength: D2

Delivery options

We can deliver the ventilation unit in separate sections or as a complete unit.


  • Shut-off damper and mixing damper.
  • Filters in various qualities, both mat filters and bag filters.
  • Rotary energy recovery system, with or without moisture transfer.
  • Heating coil for hot water, steam and electric coil.
  • Cooling coil for cold water and DX.
  • Humidifier section with steam pipe.
  • Drainage tray for cooling coil and humidifier section. Supplied with plastic drain ball trap.
  • We can supply fans with a double-suction centrifugal fan with belt drive or directly controlled plug fan. When using a directly controlled plug fan, a frequency converter must also be used for fan speed control.
  • We can supply fan motors for most voltages and Hz, 3x230V 50/60 Hz, 3×400/440V 50/60 Hz, 3x690V 60 Hz. We can supply fan motors with most certificates.
  • Skid in galvanised finish – material thickness 3 mm, height 200 mm.

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