Covent has been a supplier to the offshore industry for more than 25 years.

Covent is known for producing ventilation units for all kinds of purposes, platforms and types of installations.

Our extensive experience equips us to design a unit that is customised to the requirements of the platform, space-saving needs, weight limits, air volumes, etc.  We are also familiar with the geographic conditions under which such products operate and will therefore not compromise on quality.

For Covent, no order is too small or too big. The job we completed for Johan Sverdrup (more than 60 units in one year) is testament to our ability to handle major challenges in a reliable way. Nevertheless, we regard our Maintenance and Modification contracts as equally important. We have considerable experience in replacing older units with new, reliable acid-resistant units – supplied either as whole units divided into sections or simply as “flat-packed” units in easy-to-assemble parts.



Covent supplies offshore units for indoor use as well as outdoor units for platforms. Our outdoor solutions are often supplied with fully-welded panels on the outside to ensure they are completely sealed. We customise the size and dimensions according to requirements. We have delivered up to120,000 m³/h. We also meet the requirements of the project, with 1×100%, 2×100% or 2×50%. In the event of strict noise level restrictions, we can also supply units with 3 mm thick sheeting. We can provide a solution to just about any challenge.


Fan skids

If you do not require a complete unit but rather just need an extractor fan or simple ventilation solutions, you may benefit from using simple fans assembled on the same frame with fire damper or shut-off damper. Using our design and welding expertise, we are able to compress most frames/skids to dimensions that take up minimal space.



Covent is known for our interceptors. Through experience and many years of testing, we have succeeded in developing dry interceptors for both positive and negative pressure modes in the unit. Small, simple and effective interceptors are what we are known for.


You will find solutions to the most impossible tasks at Convent.
Contact us for good advice and solutions.

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    Kenneth Birkeland Project manager

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  • Paul Sundvor
    Paul Sundvor Product Development / Final Inspection

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