General ventilation

Indoor units are supplied in sizes ranging from2,000 m3/h to50,000 m3/h. The units are constructed with galvanized steel profile and metal sheet. Option Magnelis®-coated sheeting on panels and doors. Insulated with 50 mm Rockwool insulation for good acoustic attenuation. Magnelis® materials have a CS corrosion protection rating, which means that they can be stored under plastic without attracting white rust or other discoloring of the material. CK ahu are Eurovent-certified and are approved in accordance with the table provided.


Flexible solutions

For over 40 years, we have been developing and supplying a range of units offering a variety of solutions. When it comes to choice of components and finishes, we customise our solutions to meet each unique set of requirements. We deliver units with vertical air flow and horizontal rotary heat exchangers. We can also supply tilted rotors for buildings with low roofs.  To save space, we can provide parallel units. You can find out more about the customisation options available for our units under the special options sections.

Covent - CK Cool


Covent can supply all types of units (indoor and outdoor) with integrated cooling. Thanks to our strong internal expertise, thorough testing procedures and extensive experience, we have developed systems that regulate cooling capacity from 10% to 100%. With the help of Bitzer piston compressors and our own control system, we have succeeded in developing stable and reliable cooling functionality.  On outdoor units, we can install a special system in order to achieve a simple, reversible heat pump function.



Where space is limited in smaller buildings, or sections of buildings, our CKT range solves this problem with a  top connection unit suitable for up to5,000 m³/h. We supply these in 2 sizes:3,000 and5,000 m³/h).  The unit comes with space-saving EC ventilators, as standard. The CKT range is divided into 3 sections for easy transport to the site, where we install the unit with automation and system controls. For this unit, you can choose between electric or hot water coils. This is only supplied with a rotary heat exchanger. Our new CAD unit may be a good alternative here. Together, we will determine the most optimal solutions for your company.



The CAD range provides a solution for small stores, offices and corridor units where buildings are divided into sections and floors. The CAD range is only supplied with a rotary heat exchanger but with the option to choose between an electric coil, a hot water coil or a combination coil that also enables cooling.  We can supply the CAD range with either a top or side connection.  Should you want to use simple DX cooling, we have developed our own SX cooling component that can be adapted for this range.

CAD is produced by VIM in France and distributed in Norway by Covent AS.



We can supply our indoor units with their own soundproof connection sections. These are made according to your specifications with the right number of connections in the size you need for your spiro ducts. The sections are designed for easy installation. This not only saves time on the building site but also provides a soundproof and tidy technical room.



We can design any of our units to include integrated sound attenuators. These can be mounted on both the warm and cold sides in order to reduce the noise level in the room and surrounding area.  Using NR curves, we calculate the size based on potential noise level restrictions outlined for the specific building.  A connection section with integrated sound-proofing will often be sufficient to satisfy the applicable noise level requirements. This will eliminate the need for a sound attenuator.


Automation and system control

Covent uses Regin as our automation supplier. Regin is a Swedish supplier and well-known for providing adaptable, high-quality solutions. We have collaborated with Regin to develop our own configurations adapted to the market and unit design. Our flexibility and alternative component configurations enable us to supply regulators to meet various requirements.

Standard solutions for Covent communications to the main system, based on ModBus, Backnet, Web, etc. This, combined with all kinds of configurations, ensure that our units are effective in any context. For particularly challenging projects, we use programmable regulators and incorporate specific programs adapted to customer requirements.

We regard the automation system and regulators as the most important parts of the entire unit. That’s why we have based our entire production on internal expertise and our own employees. Our strong in-house capabilities in this area ensure that our customers receive reliable and timely follow-ups, good support and thorough training of their maintenance personnel.


Shunt arrangement

Covent is focused on simplifying daily operations for contractors and reducing the workload associated with maintaining the unit on site. We therefore offer shunt arrangements for both hot and cold water coils.  Our shunt groups are equipped with the necessary valves, pump and self-regulating shunt valves. The work on the building site will only consist of connecting flow and return pipes to the existing pipe stubs as marked on the unit.

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