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Smoke ventilation

The most important consideration in case of fire is to secure the people who are in the building. There are two different principles that can be used for ventilation during a fire: “smoke control” or “smoke extraction”.The “smoke extraction” principle evacuates the smoke. This reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another effect is that it provides visibility for Fire and Rescue Services inside the building, which is why the “smoke extraction” principle is often preferred.

Covent’s CKR unit is designed to evacuate smoke in the event of a building fire. The solution is based on a separate extractor fan that extracts the exhaust air – bypassing the filter, recycler and other components in the unit – and sends the smoke directly outside. The fan is designed to function for at least two hours at temperatures of up to 300 °C. This ensures that the fan will function regardless of the size of the fire. The fan has a significantly larger capacity than the ordinary exhaust fan to compensate for the increased volume of hot air. The supply fan runs as normal and supplies fresh air to anyone left in the building.

In order to protect against error signals and to prevent the fan from starting up when there is no fire, Covent has installed a smoke detector fuse in the extractor.

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Swimming pools

After more than 20 years of experience from Marine and Offshore units, Covent has now launched a special unit designed for indoor swimming pools. The unit is built with epoxy-coated parts both inside and outside. All internal components are protected from the corrosive exhaust air and are designed to have a long service life. Filter frames are made of acid-resistant materials, as an epoxy coating can easily be scratched during all the filter changes that will be carried out over the lifetime of the unit.

We will calculate the dimensions and sizes, both for airflow and for dehumidification, to meet the needs of your building. This is to achieve optimal energy savings as well as the best possible air quality for your swimming pool.

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Energy optimisation

At Covent, we take environmental considerations seriously and we see that energy recovery is important. Our units are designed with “double rotors” and achieve a 92% savings on energy consumption. Our solutions can provide greater savings in terms of residual heat requirements, both by reducing/eliminating residual heat in the unit and by providing the required heat security locally in the various rooms. This reduces the need for hot water piping systems for residual heat. This will provide greater savings both during installation and operation. This is a good solution for energy-conscious customers who want to reduce their operating expenses.

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